Photo Art Pillows   .....     $ 53.00 plus tax & shipping

           ( price includes materials & photo editing with imagination )

​                                Any embellishments added are extra. 

   In my study of photography, I fell in love with the concept of chiaroscuro, the bold dance                                                             between light and dark. 
​In this custom work, I removed the busy, boring backdrop of the original photo and placed Baby                        and Dad against a black background - a most striking presentation !

                                                  Art in a unique format

  Your photos creatively transformed and printed onto fabric pillows and canvas


                My  Pillows range in size from 8 x 10 to 9 x 11  ...  (  larger sizes can be requested )

                                              They are filled with soft 100%  poly filling 

   I use an envelope closure for the back, sometimes adding a glued applique as an added touch

         My fabric backing is either a soft cotton/linen or upholstery weight Sunbrella fabric

In creating your custom piece, you can either choose your theme or allow me to make suggestions, using my

 imagination ( as in most of the pieces above )

           Once I receive your original photo, allow 1 - 2 weeks for editing, sewing and delivery


               As these are decorative pieces only and due to the nature of the fabrics/inks used, 

                                                              these pillows are NOT WASHABLE

                                                                       SPOT CLEAN ONLY
       As you can see, backgrounds are altered to make the photo unique & memorable 

                      ( please view my photo transformations page for more ideas )
Timmy belonged to BIG JIM. Now, Timmy rides, too
This work was most challenging...... JJ was near and dear to my customer's heart but the original picture did very little to evoke warmth and sentiment. After much thought, I decided to completely " reinvent " JJ and came up with this.

                                          It brought tears to my customer's eyes .... 
On this original piece, the top layer is smaller and attached to the base printed pillow. This gives it a raised 3-D affect. The customer raises hens & chicks ( succulents ). She was amazed at how I took her " hobby " to the next level of beauty.
These are only some of my many custom pieces
same design transformed onto canvas
Created for a customer of Native American Heritage
Wedding Collage