Photo Art Pillows   .....  approx. 12 x 16  

                                                $ 42.00 plus tax

          ( price includes materials & photo editing with imagination )

         Fringes, cording, any embellishments added,  are extra. 

          Please allow  2 - 3  weeks for delivery of your custom artwork

             TRUST THAT THESE GIFTS OF ART ARE TRULY UNIQUE  IN                                                          CELEBRATING ANY OCCASION

   In my study of photography, I fell in love with the concept of chiaroscuro, the bold contrasts between light and dark. 

   In this most unique gift, I removed the busy, boring backdrop of the original photo and placed Baby and Dad against a black background - a most striking presentation !

Original Picture
Original Picture
                       Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Baptisms etc ..
                                A memory to always cherish 
                               True art in a unique format

  Your photos printed onto fabric and transformed into a most creative gift ! 

Original Picture

                                               12x16" Pillow with insert

                                        1 photo with or without a message

Back of pillow will be a cream or black sunbrella outdoor cushion/boat fabric with 
                                     two -sided commercial velcro closing


                 Embellishments can be added to make it 3 dimensional ( extra )

Original picture

             Backgrounds can be altered to make the photo even more memorable 
                      ( please see the page on my photo transformations as well as the original
                                                        vs the finished products above )