Sometimes, at the most crucial of moments, the camera eye does not fully see what we had hoped for.  This is when creative technology steps in to retouch – repair – and create our vision, whether it be for personal use ( wedding photographer ruined your day ) or for commercial needs ( making your product look more professional ). 

     This can entail anything from fixing a quick selfie in order to look good ( smoothing skin or adjusting the lighting ), to creating different artistic adaptations of a photo ( changing backgrounds ), to repairing/restoring old photos ( see restorations ). 

              A more challenging reTouching is the merging of 2 or more photos together                      SEAMLESSLY ( adding a person or deleting a person ), creating a new group 

     As you can see, the creative possibilities of ReTouching are endless. Not only does it require much learning and skill but also vision, imagination and the ability to see an end result where none existed before.

                                     The following are just a few of the examples 
A couple's wedding day is of the utmost significance in their lives .... but, add an unprofessional, non-artistic photographer in the mix and you've got a recipe for disaster.

                    Note the poor lighting and lackluster composition
New version .... creative background .... crisp photo ... most MEMORABLE

This is an example of a dramatic retouching .... I call this transformation art!
More to follow ... also view restorations for more, intense image retouching

​                                                      Restorations 


      It is of paramount to hold our ancestors near and dear. What better way than to breathe life and clarity into their photos ... this is a simpler retouching than the above wedding photo. I focused on her strong features rather than the entire photo.
An example of an artistic MERGING