Photos capture the moment .... they bring us extreme joy .... they are the keeper of our life stories.

    Just think, however, these precious moments can be lost forever when the photo becomes degraded or   torn. This can be heart breaking, especially for those of a generation who have old photos that were not   technologically preserved.

    Luckily, due to modern technology and a bit of imagination, old, priceless photos can come back to life!

                                        The following is a small example of this incredible process!
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This was both a restore and a transformation. My client cried when she saw the final piece.
Note the shadows and the fading on the original photo
 I was commissioned to do a complete transformation 
   This old and tattered pic from the 1900's dishonored this beautiful bride & handsome groom. With years of shoving this pic into a drawer ... scratches and cracks ensued. Their daughter asked if I was able not only to replenish the photo, but to breathe new life into the memory of their wedding day

         note dark circles under eyes have been removed, as well as scratches and cracks.
This original was torn in half