Traditional Swags, custom upholstery &  designer area rug
                                   Mendham, NJ
Pale satin rosette throw pillows
                    LBI, NJ
Varnished upholstered antique foot stool
Fiercely beautiful - velvets and animal prints
For Sonata Bay Club House when it initially opened
                                  Bayville, NJ
Church backdrop in velvet and damask
                   Upstate New York 
Sofa & window treatments in an understated but elegant style
                                  Westfield, NJ
Plantation shutters in a spacious fitness room
                          Livingston, NJ
A wedding-gown window in contrast- lined satin
                              Chatham, NJ 
Silverton Diner, Toms River - hand - painted canopy
                              Toms River, NJ 
Perfectly Tailored Swag
            Edison, NJ
  These are but a few of the creative projects I have worked on

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    Boho style studio incorporating several antique pieces