Photo Transformation Art
   Recalling a treasured memory is most precious. Sometimes, imaginary memories are fun, as well.
                             This is where the art of Photo Transformation comes into play. 
                                   A boring photo is transformed into  a " new " memory     

                                                          perhaps fulfilling a wishful dream ......

                                                                   becoming  " a work of art "

Incorporating digital, photo and graphic design, I create, what I call, Photo Transformation Art. I use an  array of elements and photos, virtual props fused together to create uniquely ORIGINAL, one-of-a-kind pieces

  These designs are then transferred onto fabric:   pillows, canvas wall hangings, quilt squares

                                                      as well as wood, glass and acrylic

              Please enjoy some of my pieces that have been created for various customers

I gingerly removed Warren from that boring picture above. With a little creative imagination, he is now happily in his element ... with fishing pole and cap  ... and let's not forget his prize !
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          Mike & Liza are in their happiest of space - frolicking by the ocean
 Warren loved fishing. He spent all his free time in youth capturing that moment of victory when the kill of the catch was HIS! Unfortunately, he no longer is able to live that dream. He therefore hired me to " create " a new memory. See how I created his new reality -
Nicole is now Princess of the Sea - a mermaid back in her majestic elemnet.
Giana Marie was but a lifeless photo on cardboard - welcoming but not lovingly displayed

                  Once again, I was asked to make her image " portrait worthy  "
This end result brought tears to her Mother's eyes
This old and tattered pic from the 1900's dishonored this beautiful bride & handsom groom. With years of shoving this pic into a drawer ... scratches and cracks ensued. Their daughter asked if I was able not only to replenish the photo, but to breathe new life into the memory of their wedding day
From this point, these new pieces of Art can be transformed onto fabric pillows - a most unique gift -                                                         as well as on canvas wall hangings
Mike loves his dog, Liza. I was asked to take this plain photo and step it up
  Little Nicole's beauty was lackluster in this original photo taken by her Mom.

                     In this piece, I was asked to make her little mermaid " shine ".
Please view my page on PHOT PILLOW ART for more ideas